Hospital Veros Print Advert By McCann Health: Preservation and evolution of species

Veros veterinarius. A campaign that creates a new concept in the evolution and preservation of species.

Hospital Veros is a new concept in veterinary medicine. A space where veterinarians are the clients and a place where these professionals can rent spaces to have access to all the infrastructure and technology that the hospital offers.

A new concept in the evolution of pets, through the entire study of their breed, peculiarities, transformations and evolution over time.

How it works
Lucas Souza, a paleontologist, historian and illustrator recreated some of the long-extinct dogs, cats and birds. Using the color pencil painting technique, the illustrations took shape
and the campaign was able to tell the story of each race, culminating in our “new species’: the Veros Veterinarius (which are the pets that we know and specially in the future).