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Ad Age Agency Family Trees 2023. Facts and figures on the world’s 25 biggest agency companies including agency holdings, stats and profiles. Exclusive content available to Ad Age Datacenter subscribers.
Expanded agency listings. Exclusive content available to Ad Age Datacenter subscribers.

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Information for Ad Age Agency Report 2023 came from questionnaires submitted by agencies and agency companies and from analysis and estimates by Ad Age Datacenter.

Effective with Agency Report 2023, agency listings are no longer rankings because listings exclude agencies owned by a number of major agency companies that don’t disclose revenue by agency or network. Given changes in how agencies, networks and agency companies go to market, Ad Age no longer publishes revenue estimates for those agencies and networks.

Ad Age expanded Agency Report’s online Ad Age Agency Family Trees 2023 to include additional content related to organic growth, disciplines, geographic revenue, client sectors and number of employees for agency companies where available based on financial disclosures and information provided to Ad Age by the companies.
Ad Age’s ranking of the world’s 25 biggest agency companies is based on revenue.

Agency and network figures generally are modeled on reported or estimated net revenue (revenue less pass-through costs). Pass-through costs include third-party vendor costs, production costs, media costs and out-of-pocket expenses that are charged directly to clients.
WPP, Publicis, Interpublic and Dentsu disclose both revenue and net revenue (or a figure similar to net revenue). Those four companies emphasize net revenue (or a figure similar to net revenue) as a measure of performance. Omnicom only discloses revenue.

Agency Report Questionnaire

Ad Age’s Agency Report Questionnaire is available here.
If your agency missed the deadline for Agency Report 2023, fill out the questionnaire and email it to [email protected]. We’ll add you to our database.
Questionnaires for the spring 2024 report will be available in January 2024.

Agency Report archive

Agency Reports are available online back to 1998.

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Ad Age Datacenter directors: Kevin Brown, Bradley Johnson
Research editor: Joy R. Lee
Research assistants: Anna Carlson, Brian Gilbert, Erika Gill, Jack Longo