Ad Age introduces new award for brand marketers

What is the Breakout Brand Leaders awards?

The new honor is designed to identify individuals who are influential in driving up-and-coming brands to sales and market-share success. This includes people leading challenger brands, those creating innovative brands in new categories and folks who have turned around older companies currently experiencing a burst of growth and popularity.

What counts as a “breakout brand”?

Breakout Brand Leaders is not just for leaders at DTC or startup brands. Executives at older brands that are currently experiencing a renaissance or have recently seen a surge in sales and consumer awareness are also eligible.

There are also no requirements on the age of the brand; however, entrants should demonstrate the recent success of their brand with metrics including sales figures, market-share gains, growth in investment or similar data.

Who is eligible?

We are looking for leaders at brands, companies or startups that have experienced business success in the past 12 months where marketing and media strategies have played a significant role. Individuals can reside and work anywhere in the world, but must work in-house at the brand/company.

Executives may have a marketing or media title, but may also be founders or people who significantly contribute to the marketing and media strategies.

Ad agency executives and independent consultants are not eligible for Breakout Brand Leaders.