Agency Report 2023: Agency discipline listings

Source: Ad Age Datacenter (Ad Age Agency Report 2023).
Agency companies database:
Expanded listings:
About Agency Report:

Asterisk indicates Ad Age Datacenter estimate. Agencies listed based on revenue in discipline. Revenue submitted by agencies and companies on Ad Age questionnaire, obtained from public documents or estimated by Ad Age Datacenter. Revenue and listings for 2022 based on data collected and/or adjusted in 2023. Numbers rounded.

Agency listings are not rankings because listings exclude agencies owned by a number of major agency companies that don’t disclose revenue by agency or network. Given changes in how agencies, networks and agency companies go to market, Ad Age no longer publishes revenue estimates for those agencies and networks.

Agency company breakouts by reported discipline are from financial disclosures and information provided to Ad Age by the companies. Figures generally reflect results from multiple agencies. Select companies and disciplines shown. Listings not comprehensive. This is not a ranking; revenue buckets are specific to each company and not comparable across companies. Expanded company breakouts by discipline: Ad Age expanded the online Ad Age Agency Family Trees 2023 to include additional content related to organic growth, disciplines, geographic revenue, client sectors and number of employees for agency companies where available based on financial disclosures and information provided to Ad Age by the companies.

All disciplines:
U.S. revenue for agencies from all disciplines.
Advantage: Marketing revenue excluding pass-through revenue.

Agency company breakouts: Select integrated agency holdings:
Omnicom is revenue. Other companies are net revenue or figure similar to net revenue.

Ad agency services networks: 
Innocean: Americas region (U.S., Canada, Brazil, Mexico).

Agency company breakouts: Media:
Revenue is net revenue or figure similar to net revenue.

Agency company breakouts: CRM/direct marketing:
Customer relationship management/direct marketing. Dentsu is net revenue. Omnicom is revenue. 

Agency company breakouts: Public relations:
Figures shown are revenue. WPP broke out 2022 revenue less pass-through costs of $1.43 billion from public relations.

Agency company breakouts: Health care:
Omnicom is revenue. Havas is net revenue.

Health care: U.S.:
Syneos: Estimated net revenue.

Agency company breakouts: Promotion and experiential marketing:
Omnicom is revenue.

Promotion and experiential marketing: U.S.:
Advantage: Marketing revenue excluding pass-through revenue.
Derse: U.S. agency-related revenue of Derse excluding production, storage and pass-through revenue.

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