Amazon DSP measurement—what brands are getting wrong

For example, advertisers should be looking at the time spent on product review pages as a valuable metric for the consumer “consideration” stage of buying. Other metrics include competitor audience acquisition—meaning how many unique users from a competitor’s audience were reached during a given period—and growth of unique users over a period of time.

“There’s all this rich data that can be sliced and diced but brands are unaware of it or not using that data when it’s right there,” said Masters.

Amazon said it recently added performance-related metrics such as Amazon Brand Lift, which helps advertisers quantify how campaigns are driving awareness, purchase intent and ad recall.

“Advertiser campaign performance is top of mind for Amazon Ads and a fundamental reason why Amazon DSP provides a range of resources and metrics to help advertisers measure the impact of their campaignsboth on- and off-Amazon, optimize performance, and communicate the value of their efforts,” said an Amazon spokesman in a statement. “We have appreciated the positive response from many advertisers and will continue to invest in new ways to help them measure the performance of their Amazon DSP campaigns.”