‘Black Elevation Map’ raised up Black businesses through 330 million data points

The campaign included the main BlackElevationMap.com site, as well as a launch film titled “A Hymn Away From Home” (above), along with 27 mini-documentaries about individual businesses and geotargeted, signal-triggered online media.

The results were potent: a 302% increase in traffic to BlackAndAbroad.com, a 360% increase in unique visitors and a 971% increase in event and merch sales.

“‘Black Elevation Map’ is one of the best ideas I’ve seen in the last five years, easy,” said one Creativity Awards juror. “Taking the idea of a Green Book and making it a data-inspired thing that can tell you about the African-American and the Black diaspora experience through a visualization of the map of the United States—it’s an incredible idea. And it’s beautifully executed. The craft is flawless.”