Bud Light shuffles marketing pack after trans fiasco

The mighty Anheuser-Busch (AB InBev’s US arm that allegedly made Milwaukee famous) has backtracked spectacularly over its decision to feature trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney promoting the mystifyingly popular beverage (still the US best seller although its share is on the slide.)

Bud Light marketing boss Alissa Heinerscheid is taking “leave of absence,” quite a long one it seems as she’s been replaced by Budweiser VP of global marketing Tod Allen.

A-B says, in a fine example of mealy-mouthed corporate speak: “We have made some adjustments to streamline the structure of our marketing function to reduce layers so that our most senior marketers are more closely connected to every aspect of our brands activities.”

This, it says, “will help us maintain focus on the things we do best: brewing great beer for all consumers, while always making a positive impact in our communities and on our country.”

The redneck half of the country, in case you missed it, took exception to Mulvaney’s presence, with even national politicians weighing in.

You don’t need mounds of data or a business school qualification to work out that most Bud Light drinkers don’t want to be depicted in the same camp as trans TikTok stars. Every brand doesn’t need to be avowedly “inclusive.”

How can some CMOs, and the well-paid people who whisper in their ear, be so stupid?

Rumour has it that A-B is going to bring back its trusty Clydesdale horses to remedy matters. What could possibly go wrong?