Byron Allen asks Carl Icahn to join fight against McDonald’s ‘blatant racism’

The ad, which ran on Page 7 of Section 1, then lists seven examples of how “McDonald’s racist behavior” has caused reactions from stakeholders in the company. It mentions the backlash Kempczinski faced in late 2021 over text messages to Mayor Lori Lightfoot regarding two children shot in Chicago, and several discrimination lawsuits filed against the company. Allen’s lawsuit was filed in 2021, seeking $10 billion in damages. It alleges racial discrimination for not doing business with Black-owned media.

Several of the lawsuits mentioned in the ad have been settled or dismissed. McDonald’s has denied allegations of discrimination and touts the diversity initiatives it has rolled out in recent years, such as tying some executives’ pay to diversity goals. McDonald’s has also worked to dismiss the lawsuit from Allen’s company, Entertainment Studios Networks, but it is still working its way through federal court in California.

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