CeraVe’s dermatologist influencer strategy shows growth of experts as creators

To kick off the #FaceItLikeADerm campaign, the brand brought together more than 50 dermatologist influencers—as well as the content creators “Dude With Sign,” “Dudette With Sign” and Avani Gregg—to lead a parade through the streets of New Orleans, where the conference was taking place. The dozens of dermatologists held up cardboard signs, similar to those characteristic of Dude and Dudette With Sign, bearing messages such as, “Throw on some sunscreen” and “Wear SPF, your future self will thank you.”

Additionally, at this year’s gathering of dermatologists, CeraVe invited attendees to help produce a compilation video of them applying one of the brand’s lotions, and ultimately set a (very specific) Guinness World Record: “the longest video chain of people applying body moisturizer using CeraVe Moisturizing Cream,” featuring 625 dermatologists.

“A lot of influencers have a sense of trust with their followers. But, for us, it’s also about the relationship between the brand and the dermatologist, and that’s an important thing we want to show,” Kornblum said. “We’ll work with an array of influencers, like an Avani Gregg or a Dude With Sign, but having the derm at the center of our communications is the most important for us.”