Domino’s: a footballer will do anything for a half-time pizza

VCCP’s latest instalment in the long-running “Domino-oh-hoo-hoo” campaign is a football-themed ad based on a media placement idea that came from Havas Media.

The “order now for half time” message is delivered by an “injured” player, who begs the attending physio to order him a pizza. She obliges by yodelling “Domino-oh-hoo-hoo” into her walkie talkie, and the pair are seen tucking in at half time.

Harry Dromey, director of marketing at Domino’s, said: “We need to let people know that nobody delivers like Domino’s, and we know our target audience are big football fans. With that brief, Havas Media had the great idea for the media buy a few years ago. I’m delighted with VCCP London for producing this new creative that delivers the message and raises a smile.”

David Masterman, deputy ECD at VCCP, said: “Everyone knows what most Premiership players are really thinking about in the first half; it’s a swift Domino’s in the dressing room at half time. So we gave the world of football just what it needed, some yodelling.”

Shot at AFC Wimbledon’s Plough Lane stadium, the ad will be seen on Sky Sports and TNT sports during Premier League, Champions League and Carabao Cup games.

A clever ad created for a specific (but plentiful) media opportunity. Good to see a close partnership between media and creative, and the work should have a great ROI – it’s scheduled to run until 2025 and is likely to inspire a lot of direct response from hungry viewers.

MAA creative scale: 7