Google Home update makes it easier to review Nest camera footage

An update is rolling out for the Google Home app that should make it faster for users to hop between events captured by Nest devices. New “Transport Controls,” as Google calls them, include play/pause, back and forward buttons. The feature works with footage from the wired and wireless version of Nest Cam, the battery-powered Nest Doorbell and Nest Cam with Floodlight.

Until now, as 9to5 Google notes, users needed to scrub through the timeline or make their way to the Full History tab to get to all of the events. While it might now be faster to move from one event to the next compared with the Nest app, Home users won’t have the granular control of the forward and backward buttons from the older app, which moved the playhead 15 seconds at a time in either direction.

Navigation of Nest recording history in the Google Home app has seemingly been a bugbear for many Nest users. As such, improving that experience is a welcome move. Users have been able to view Nest activity in the Google Home Feed tab since March 2020, so the change seems overdue.

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