Hendrick’s Gin parodies ChatGPT with ‘human chatbot’

While the motive behind Elliot certainly has to do with the current interest in AI, Hendrick’s specific angle reflects its desire for a human alternative to the numerous AI chatbots that are being launched, according to a press statement. In some ways, Elliot is a subtle dig at these machines: He is described as having “unrivaled, ultra-sophisticated intelligence”—language that seems to mock how tech startups often promote their AI. He also “readily admits his errors,” which may be a nod to the kinds of misinformation that generative AI is already being accused of spreading.

“While convenient and efficient at times, AI lacks the personal connection and spontaneity inherent in human interaction,” wrote Michael Giardina, U.S. VP of marketing for mixable spirits at William Grant & Sons, Hendrick’s parent company. “We want to remind people that often the best parts of life lie not in conveniences, but instead come from the often unpredictable, messy, and magical experience of two real-life human beings building a relationship.”