How health and wellness marketing continues to evolve

One of the pandemic’s greatest lessons to marketers has been the importance of wellness, which has emerged as more than a trend and passing fad. Health and wellness has instead become a cornerstone of many marketing strategies as consumers look to brands to incorporate more mindfulness into their products.

At Ad Age Next: Health and Wellness on March 1, executives in the health and wellness sector will discuss how their brands have evolved during the pandemic, and where they are placing their marketing bets. The livestreamed event will explore strategies around growing challenger brands, innovations in food and the grocery aisle, and sexual wellness.

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Ed Harnaga, senior VP and head of external communications and enterprise reputation at Pfizer Inc., will speak about how the company has become part of mainstream conversation during the pandemic. He’ll discuss how branding has entered the equation when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine, and what recent milestones signify for Pfizer’s future.

Cindy Gustafson, chief marketing officer at WW, will talk about the company’s branding beyond being a diet company and how ambassador relationships with celebrities such as Ciara and James Corden enter the equation.

Other speakers at the virtual event include Ryan McDaid, group strategy director at Mojo Supermarket; Arpan Parikh, senior director of clinical experience at Ro Mind; Gretchen Saegh-Fleming, chief commercial officer at Hydrow; and Errol Schweizer, food retail entrepreneur and host of the Checkout podcast.

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