Jess Vultaggio helps give old Kraft Heinz brands a thriving second life

Case in point: Taking Velveeta, the processed cheese found primarily on children’s sticky fingers, and making it chic. In the campaign “La Dolce Velveeta,” there are no children to be found—instead, the cheese is associated with relaxing on a pool float, drinking tea out of a silver teapot, and, remarkably, martini glassware. 

Vultaggio also flipped consumer expectations on Oscar Mayer. When creative agency Johannes Leonardo came to the brand proposing to make bologna face masks, it was Vultaggio who rallied her partners to make it happen.

By the numbers, it seems her work has paid off. For instance, those Oscar Mayer face masks sold out in 24 hours, and led to a 22% increase in bologna sales on Amazon Fresh.