Live video: Robyn DelMonte aka GirlBossTown on how brands should approach influencer marketing

At the end of 2021, DelMonte leveraged her marketing background and began creating TikTok videos analyzing brands’ social media and influencer marketing strategies, highlighting those she found compelling and awarding them her “GBT Stamp of Approval.” She also offered advice to brands that she thought fell short and suggested opportunities for others to tap into pop culture moments. 

Since then, the self-proclaimed “Internets Agent” has continued posting these analysis videos, amassing over 616,000 followers in the process—including brands, which have sought her expertise via the comment section or DMs. DelMonte has also extended her career beyond TikTok and begun working with brands as a creative consultant, and has continued to appear in front of the camera in partnerships with companies from Hootsuite to Hilton. 

DelMonte joins Remotely to discuss why brands should incorporate influencers throughout the creative process, where some brands are still falling short when it comes to creator partnerships and her thoughts on the trends shaping influencer marketing this year. 

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