MAA Ad of the Week: Mother Nature puts Apple execs on the spot

Ever wondered wnat it’s like to join a meeting at the world’s biggest company? Especially when its execs, including the CEO, are put on the spot?

It’s Apple of course and here they are being quizzed by Octavia Spencer’s Mother Nature on progress towards carbon neutrality by 2030, the seeming deadline for everyone including the mighty Apple.

Creative boss Tor Myhren says: “Mother Nature needs a status report…She’s got a lot of questions and fortunately our 2030 plan has a lot of answers. We have a very ambitious plan, and we are so proud of what we’ve already accomplished in terms of innovation around our environmental initiatives. And, in an entertaining way, this five-minute film outlines a lot of these innovations.”

In other hands could have been a toe-curling exercise in greenwashing. Director Rhys Thomas for Stink Films almost gets a performance out of Tim Cook.