MAA ad of the Week: Tango ‘Bust’ from VCCP

Fizzy drink Tango has a rich ad history, from HHCL’s oft-banned thuggish Orange man to the immortal Ray Gardner back in 1996.

VCCP is trying to follow in these anarchic footsteps with ‘Bust,’ a police raid on a secret Tango production facility.

Hits a few spots, not least ridiculous police ‘dramas’ that depict the boys in blue as a cross between Robocop and the SAS with their military-style get-up and complete lack of anything approaching manners. No wonder they’ve an image problem (among many others.)

These spoof dramas seem to be a la mode these days, like New Commercial Arts’ highly successful ‘Superseven’ series with Judi Dench for Moneysupermarket.

Here’s the best of HHCL for Tango. Interesting that VCCP took over from HHCL as the creative agency within Chime, so the new one is a homage of sorts.