MediaSense study recommends shorter, sharper pitches

Everybody hates pitches it seems, apart from, presumably, the agencies that win them. Adam&eveDDB won 20 cor so on the trot in the Murphy/Golding era.

And consultancies and other intermediaries one also assumes. One such, MediaSense, highly successful in the media arena, has produced its first Pitch Smart study showing widespread disillusionment among senior execs with the process.

*86% of agency respondents find pitching excessively time and cost exhaustive

*64% of agency respondents find pitching damaging to agency culture

*54% of agency respondents find pitching is increasingly affecting staff mental health

The global study also reveals strong appetite from agencies to evolve the current process to create a fairer value exchange with clients through greater transparency, less ‘manufactured’ exercises, and more opportunities to embrace individuality.

Pitch processes are becoming longer, more onerous and consequently leading to agencies being far more selective about what they pitch for.

The study follows a period of unprecedented pitch activity, acute talent shortages in the industry and the recent launch of the IPA & ISBA Pitch Positive Pledge, designed to make the process more ‘intentional, accountable and responsible for brands and agencies.”

MediaSense managing partner Ryan Kangisser says: “While the pitch still remains a necessary vehicle for advertisers to source the right agency partner, this study reveals an overwhelming desire to evolve the process to one which is more streamlined, practical and transparent.

“While it’s tempting to test everything, advertisers should focus on the capabilities and values that matter and design a process accordingly.”

All seems very sensible but most agencies, creative and media, are fearful of doing less if one of their rivals will do more.

Pitch Smart is available to download via the MediaSense website.