Muse Communications Founder and Chairman Emeritus Jo Muse dies

Muse’s philosophy extended to his business relationships as well. Working on the Nike account, he developed a unique relationship with Dan Wieden, showing him that hiring diverse people could benefit his agency. Muse even gave his blessing when the agency’s account leader on Nike, Jimmy Smith, left Muse for Wieden+Kennedy, according to Muse’s daughter Aireka. 

“They were kindred spirits,” Aireka Muse said. “I don’t think [Wieden+Kennedy] would be the diverse place that it is without my father.”

“The true greats, no matter the industry, no matter their social economic status, they all share one trait. They say what they do, and they do what they say. Jo Muse was one of those brothers,” said Smith, who is now chairman and CEO of Amusement Park Entertainment. 

“I had a job interview with him in December 1990. He said he was going to hire me to work on the Nike account at Muse Cordero Chen. When the interview ended, and as I was leaving, I asked Jo when I should check back in. He looked at me, smiled and said, ‘Don’t worry. I’ll call you.’ Well, to my surprise, that is exactly what Jo did a few weeks later. The rest is history. That may seem like a very small thing. However, not until these last few years did I truly realize how unique, great and special Jolett Melvin Muse was. If only we could all emulate that one trait. We will miss him dearly.”