NFL Draft to feature AI artwork from Midjourney

The 2023 draft, scheduled for April 27-29 in Kansas City, Missouri, will feature various artworks generated by Midjourney, a popular text-to-image AI tool. AI images of an NFL team’s home city, with varying and complex details that pay it tribute, will be exhibited at the draft via a 3D set developed by the NFL and Formula, its social production company and agency.

AI artist Adrien Curiel also collaborated on the creation of the artwork.

As with most generative AI content, the NFL Draft images started as text prompts fed into the bot’s platform—in this case, a Midjourney bot on Discord. Numerous details were created from these prompts, such as city identity, lighting and mood, culminating in a total of 500 image variations for each team. From this number, the NFL selected a single version and then polished it with minor edits.

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