Quality creative can boost display and desktop ad performance

The types of ads tested for each brand included control ads; ads with basic imagery and a simple call to action; and ads with optimized creative. Optimized ads had improved imagery, enhanced call-to-actions, contained more informative messaging, or utilized all these creative enhancements at the same time.

Users were asked to identify which ads they considered “aesthetically pleasing,” “fun to look at,” “communicated valuable information,” “high quality” and “able to stand out from other ads on the same page.”

The results also found that marketers would be best served to customize their creative choices across devices, such as including compelling calls to action on mobile or prioritizing imagery to attract attention on larger desktop screens.

Improved imagery on desktop led to 23% higher search intent and a 50% increase in improved message association, the study found. On mobile, ads with explicit brand propositions stayed on screens for eight seconds longer, saw a 27% increase in brand consideration and prompted 32% more consumers to look for deals.