Reddit ‘revamped’ its block feature so blocking actually works

Reddit is “revamping” its block feature so that blocking on Reddit functions more like other social platforms. With the change, blocking a user on Reddit will not just block that person’s posts from your view, but will also prevent them from being able to see or interact with your posts.

That may sound obvious, but up until now, blocking on Reddit has been more like a “mute” feature in that it only worked one way. That made the feature particularly ineffectual for people dealing with harassment or other forms of abuse as blocking didn’t do anything to prevent the person from interacting with your posts.


Now, when someone who has been blocked encounters that user’s posts or comments, the content will appear as if it was deleted. Profiles will also be inaccessible after a user has been blocked. (one exception is moderators, who will be able to view posts from users who blocked them if they appear in the subreddit they moderate.)

On the other side, Reddit is changing up how blocked users’ content appears for people who initiated the block in order to better protect against harassment. Now, those who have blocked someone else will still be able to view their posts, though the content will appear collapsed by default. Reddit says it’s keeping these posts accessible so that users can still utilize the site’s reporting features and track any potential harassment.

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