Scandal-hit Post Office moves from Ogilvy to Krow

You have to feel for agencies who win a shiny new account only to find the client mired in some scandal or other. We’ve had VCCP winning Thames Water – and preparing an ad with Brian the other – only to find TW is running out of money and about the least popular company in the country for pumping sewage into rivers. Well and truly in the ordure you might say.

Now the Mission Group’s Krow has won the venerable old Post Office, finally being brought to book for its outrageous persecution of sub-postmasters, many of whom were wrongly sent prison (losing their livelihoods and, in some cases, their lives) when its Horizon software system wrongly flagged up “evidence” of fraud. The Government has, belatedly, offered them £600,000 each.

With more distressing revelations to come, Krow certainly has a job on its hands. It’s formed a bespoke agency, called Claok Lane, named after one of the original branches (as you do.) Krow takes over from Ogilvy.

The Post Office says: “We are looking to enhance our strategic, creative and production capabilities and have found that solution in Cloak Lane. We look forward to growing the brand further in partnership with them.”

Mission Group CEO James Clifton says: “Post Office plays an important part in all our lives – as individuals, in our communities, our businesses and the economy. We are honoured to be appointed by such a unique and emotive brand, and look forward to playing an important role in its future success.”

Emotive, you can say that again.