See Snoop Dogg action figure star in 19 Crimes wine ads

Observatory worked with artist Dan Chung to make Lil Snoop, who stands about 12 inches, or the size of a Barbie doll. Known for sculpting posable figures of celebrities, Chung was also responsible for the Martha Stewart action figure for 19 Crimes’ Martha’s Chard.  

The ads have fun with proportions. In one spot, a Lil Snoop-sized glass is flooded by a pour from a full-sized wine bottle. In another ad, Lil Snoop is shown alongside a full glass of wine that he is unable to lift to drink.

“Snoop Dogg is a busy man, and while his personality is chill, he hardly has the time to relax like Lil Snoop can,” Linda Knight, chief creative officer at Observatory, said in a release. “Lil Snoop is our second go of action figures, and they just add an extra piece of brand entertainment to 19 Crimes’ campaigns.”

This is not the first time 19 Crimes utilized a tiny version of Snoop in a promotion. In 2020, the rapper appeared as a hologram for consumers who scanned bottle labels with their phones.