Slutty Vegan seeks its first agency of record

Slutty Vegan started in 2018 with a food truck and now has nine restaurants open in three states. Outside of its eateries, the brand has also sold its signature dips in select Target stores on the East Coast, collaborated on vegan sneakers with footwear designer Steve Madden and worked with influencers and celebrities such as Da Brat and Quincy Brown. 

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“We’re very much looking at full-service agencies,” Slutty Vegan Chief Marketing Officer Christi Mason said. Specifically, the new agency should have creative and content generation capabilities, as well as expertise in digital inclusive of social media, she explained. 

“As our RFP for a full-service agency launches, we’re looking for the best, the most clever, the agency that not only accepts the challenge, but challenges us in return. If content is king, we’re looking to crown our next agency,” the brand stated in an email.

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