Super Bowl Alert—First commercial drops, mystery NFT and more travel

All sold out … almost 

NBC, which will air the game on Feb. 13, provided a brief update earlier this week on the state of Super Bowl ad sales. “When it comes to the Super Bowl, we are virtually sold out, as we have been for quite some time,” said Dan Lovinger, executive VP, sales and partnerships, NBCUniversal. “We tend to hold a few units in our back pocket until the final game match-up is announced, because as we’ve learned, some optionality is helpful for us and it’s helpful for our advertising partners. So much of the decision to be part of the Super Bowl is based on creative, and when we know who’s in the game, sometimes that creative creates some resonance based on the match-up. So that optionality is there and we’ll be able to react with the last few units.”