TelevisaUnivision’s Donna Speciale on why economic volatility won’t upend the TV upfront market

How do you approach selling TelevisaUnivision’s streaming inventory when brands can also go to everything from Netflix to YouTube to TikTok to also get a Spanish-speaking audience?

They can, but it’s not the same. We have a different audience. There’s a loyalty and a love and a passion and a connection that when a brand speaks to our audience, in their language and in their culture, it resonates very differently. These are all new consumers that they haven’t been speaking to in their language, and that is resonating a lot and they’re seeing the business results very quickly.

With advertisers being particularly budget conscious this year, plus competition from streaming, social and digital video platforms, how do you pitch ViX competitively?

The one area that marketers need to take a step back on is they’re oversaturated with the other media companies and English-language [programming]. The social platforms definitely have a benefit, but the key is what are marketers trying to do. Social can only go so far. They do want a balance of broad reach, which is why they’ve always leaned into broadcast and streaming and all the targeting capabilities. That’s where TelevisaUnivision comes in—we are a very unique, influential audience that basically serves a very different purpose for [marketers] in getting them their growth objectives that they haven’t been getting before.