The New York Times unveils first big brand campaign under its ‘essential subscription’ strategy

Amy Weisenbach, senior VP and head of marketing at the Times, told Ad Age that the company believes “we can mean more to more people than we mean today,” and that the new creative reflects that.

“At the core of that is our news offering, which in and of itself has quite a bit of breadth, but with our Games and Cooking and Wirecutter and The Athletic offerings, increasingly we’re trying to get to people to subscribe to all the Times has to offer,” she said.

The spot ends with onscreen graphics of the Times’ various subscription products—News, Games, Cooking, Wirecutter, The Athletic—which are available separately or can be bundled together in an “All-Access” subscription.

The structure of the new spots, Weisenbach said, mimics the kind of content journey that’s typical of Times subscribers and should appeal to nonsubscribers who have similar curiosity about the world.

“We try to have every campaign be reflective of the journalism,” she said. “In this case, we’re exploring something that happens so often in our journalism, where a reporter will say, ‘To understand this, first you have to understand that.’ To understand something as simple as sneakers, you actually do have to understand a wide range of things about the world. We wanted to reflect that journey.”