Thin pickings all round from TSB and David Schwimmer

We all know how banks operate don’t we? Their “secret” is to charge you more (they’re always moaning about free current accounts and the cost of ATMs) and pay you as little as possible, even when interest rates rise.

So finding something to promote which isn’t an obvious con is tricky. And you can see why in this new effort from the UK’s TSB, featuring David Schwimmer, who was in some fantastically successful US TV series or other a while back.

It’s ‘Life Made More’ from McCann, essentially an unspecified cashback offer which, it says, “you might eventually” notice in your savings. Or maybe you might not.

Pity the poor agency that has to look enthusisastic about briefs like this. But business is business…

Maa creative scale: (needs more than wackiness) – 4.