#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trend put to the test by influencer marketing platform promoting fake products

“Brands pay attention to what happens in the market. If there’s a new beer that’s dropping, other beer brands will know about it,” said Rodrigo Jatene, chief creative officer at DDB Chicago. “By launching these new, fake products, you call the attention of brands and marketers across all of these verticals. But at the same time, many of these verticals are also important for the influencer community. So we thought, ‘What if we could create this matrix of things that matter to the market and for agencies and clients, but also for creators?’” 

Along with social media content from Pearpop creators, people who attempt to search for the fake products on Google will come across ads that direct them to the campaign landing page. The campaign will also extend offline in the coming weeks with in-person opportunities for people to try the five fake products turned into physical items for themselves, Morrison said. 

“Between the influencers, the paid components, and the PR we’re doing around the campaign, we really want this to feel like something that everyone’s kind of bumping into at least once,” he said. “It’s one thing to see one creator post about a product, but if you see it in your feed twice or three times, it starts to feel like people are really talking about this thing. And that really emulates what we do for brands that use our platform.”