Tiny the elephant brings TSB bank to the masses in new McCann London campaign

McCann has gone the populist route for TSB, introducing a cuddly pink elephant as the approachable face of the bank.

Tiny the elephant’s job is to reassure everyone that financial conversations don’t have to be scary – not if you talk to TSB’s Money Confidence Experts, anyway. The focus is on maximising what you have, rather than cutting back.

Emma Springham, CMO at TSB said, “We set out to ensure people know they can turn to us for help if they have money worries, to embrace the elephant in the room that for so many impacts every aspect of their lives including mental health. In a competitive market we briefed McCann to be brave and bold, and to create something likeable with longevity.”

Richard Morgan and Christopher McKee, creative directors at McCann London, said, “As a nation we find it notoriously difficult to talk about our dosh. Tiny is the best friend you didn’t know you needed, inspiring confidence in the face of cost-of-living adversity. A reminder that once you face your fears, they will often feel less daunting and a little easier to manage. Like a tiny elephant.”

McCann London’s previous campaign starring David Schwimmer wasn’t very memorable – at least this new campaign will pack a punch in the ad breaks.

But the “elephant in the room” metaphor is pretty obvious, and the pink elephant brings to mind Dumbo’s drunken hallucinations after accidentally drinking a barrel of alcohol in the Disney movie. We’ve yet to see whether Tiny will have the staying power of the Meerkat or Duracell’s pink bunny.

MAA creative scale: 5