Twitter debuts NFT profile pictures with a sizzling video

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The initial launch of NFT profile pictures is reserved for members of Twitter Blue, its subscription-tier service. Users can link wallets from Coinbase, Metamask, Trust, Rainbow, Argent and Ledger Live.

Twitter debuted a short video demonstrating the feature, which was filled with NFT references that users steeped in the space would understand. The video opens with Bobby Hundreds, a.k.a. Bobby Kim, uploading an Adam Bomb Squad NFT to his Twitter profile. Bobby Hundreds co-founded The Hundreds, the popular streetwear brand that was behind the Adam Bomb Squad NFT collection. The video also nods to Bored Ape Yacht Club by starring Josh Ong, @beijingdou on Twitter, a communication consultant and prominent NFT collector who is a Bored Ape member.

The video ends on Rosalyn Gold-Onwude, the basketball star, showing her membership in the World of Women with an NFT avatar.

Twitter’s NFT profile pictures video was produced by the Twitter’s Studio team, and was going to play on social channels. Ad agencies Where the Buffalo Roam and Run Kick Shout helped on production and animation, a Twitter spokesperson said.