Weight-loss brands’ daytime gains, plus Google’s clean room collab: Datacenter Weekly

Daytime TV by the numbers

TV measurement company iSpot.tv gave Datacenter Weekly an exclusive first look at its new Daytime TV Transparency Report, which examines the daypart’s top advertisers, programming and networks from Labor Day 2022 through Memorial Day 2023, as ranked by TV ad impression. Key takeaways:

• Weight-loss brands grew daytime TV ad impressions by 35% during the measurement period, with brands such as WW and GOLO more than doubling daytime impressions compared to the same period a year prior.

• Overall, daytime linear TV ad impressions grew by 1.3% YoY, largely thanks to traditional broadcast networks—specifically ABC, CBS and NBC, which delivered a combined 9.5% more daytime impressions YoY.

• News and information shows delivered 15% more daytime TV ad impressions YoY.

• “The Price Is Right” was the top ad-delivery vehicle in daytime, responsible for 3.53% of the household TV ad impressions in the daypart. The iconic game show also delivered 6% more daytime impressions YoY.

• “Friends” was the No. 7 program by daytime impressions and the No. 1 show among all syndicated programs in the daypart.