Why Coke recruited an army of influencers for food-focused campaign

‘Brave media usage’

Coca-Cola intends to keep the “Recipe for Magic” campaign for the rest of the year, with influencers providing additional content or new creators coming in, depending on the local market, Kaypak said. “The key here is to continue looking at the results and improve,” she said.

While Coke vetted each of the influencers through its legal and trademark processes, the brand gave them the freedom to interpret the brief as they saw fit. That was a balancing act brands need to get used to, Kaypak said.

“I think this is brave media usage for us,” she said. “Putting TV copy on TV channels is easier in terms of buying. But creating this influencer army and vetting all of them, making sure they have enough freedom, versus also [staying] in the brand guardrails, it’s a tough one. But I think we need to push more for this in Coca-Cola if we want to keep engagement with the young generations.”