Why Expedia is leaning into emotional storytelling with new in-house campaign

Expedia is tapping into the emotional aspects of travel with its new spring push. The internally developed campaign marks a departure for the online travel agency from humor-based marketing that is more transactional in nature as Expedia tries to differentiate its brand from other travel booking sites.

The brand’s new creative work communicates the emotional benefits of travel through Expedia as opposed to solely focusing on its functional aspects, according to Hector Muelas, senior VP of global marketing and creative at Expedia.

“We started looking at how Expedia offers a bridge to travel—that’s the role of the brand to eliminate those travel barriers and be the catalyst, or the conduit, for people to realize their travel dreams,” he said, noting that consumers are often stymied in making plans by obstacles such as price or timing. “Ultimately, travel is a very emotional endeavor and a lot of brands in our category are only focused on that last bit of the journey—the transaction.”