Why Nordstrom Rack changed its logo—see the rebrand

The new logo (at right, above) plumps up the rack letters in a retro font reminiscent of the brand’s 1970s heritage. It was purposely designed on a modular grid in order to be more compatible with digital and mobile formats, executives said, noting that the mark will roll out across in-person store signage and online as well. Nordstrom Rack’s typical blue coloring was evolved to include multiple shades of the hue.

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Nordstrom Rack did not initially intend to change its logo at all. In late 2021, the brand hired global branding agency Jones Knowles Ritchie and began working on a new branding system in January of 2022. Following months of research and design, that system was completed in September but the old logo did not fit the new visual identity and brand guidelines, Godfrey said. The disparity led to this month’s updated mark.

“We want to make our mark work harder so when customers see the ad, they don’t say, ‘Who was that?’” said Godfrey. She noted that the new logo is responsive and adaptable to different iterations.

The fresh identity began appearing in some of Nordstrom Rack’s digital marketing channels earlier this month but will replace all signage moving forward on new and remodeled stores as well as on the brand’s app and website and in out-of-home ads. Shopping bags will also get an update.