Why TikTok Series could limit creator and brand reach

TikTok and YouTube

After months of watching other platforms copy TikTok’s short form, vertical scroll format, TikTok is instead taking a page from YouTube. By adding a long-form, monetizable option, TikTok is hoping to be a one-stop-shop app for TikTok creators, and perhaps keep them from exploring other platforms like YouTube. TikTok Series videos could help creators build more loyal followings, which is one of the draws of YouTube, too. YouTubers cultivate committed audiences that tune in more often, for longer periods of time, whereas on TikTok fame can be fleeting. TikTok also has designs on connected TV, and Series could fit naturally in that environment.

TikTok creators have also long criticized TikTok’s creator fund, which they say isn’t big enough to accommodate the growing number of creators. In response, TikTok recently introduced a new version of the fund called the Creativity Program, which will only reward videos over a minute long from eligible creators.

The Series feature also comes at a time when creators aren’t seeing huge returns from YouTube Shorts, YouTube’s answer to TikTok. YouTube Shorts is still relatively new, and the revenue-sharing program only started in February, giving creators a 45% split of advertising dollars. But many are only seeing a few cents of returns on Shorts. If Series proves worthwhile, it could encourage some TikTokers to focus more on the app, and less on YouTube.

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