W+K intrigues with philosophical new campaign for Leffe

Leffe is venturing into what some of us might recall as Stella Artois territory with a new “brand platform” from Wieden+Kennedy – ‘Bring More to the Table’ – positioning the beer as something to be shared over a meal rather than swigged at the bar (the venerable abbey-produced tipple is pretty strong.)

To that end we have two old friends and their (unspoken) thoughts.

Leffe marketing director Lourenço Arriaga says: “This campaign marks a historic moment in the life of our eight-century old beer brand. It transports the foundational values of the Leffe Abbey and its beer, such as generosity, attention and honesty, to today’s world, in the hope of inspiring us all to have more deep and meaningful moments with our loved ones – inevitably over a Leffe and a meal.”

Ambitious – Stella’s ‘Reassuringly expensive’ campaign from Lowe Howard-Spink, worked because they stuck with it for years, however enigmatic it seemed at first.

Nicely shot by Gary Freedman.

Leffe should be in for the long haul.

MAA creative scale: 7.