‘You’re the one that I want.’ Dunelm does ‘Grease’ in new Creature ad

Creature London has reworked the Grease hit You’re the one that I want to tell the story of a family where it’s the kids – not the chills – that are multiplying and the parents are losing control, until they take a trip to Dunelm.

It’s all part of a new “brand platform” that positions Dunelm as “The home of homes.” Dunelm has been one of the UK’s rare retail success stories in recent years, bringing bargain furniture and homewares to a broad audience; it’s even taking over the John Lewis store in Watford. Sales were up 5.5% this year, although profits were slightly down thanks to inflation.

Dunelm marketing director Sean McGinty joined from Aldi in April. He said: “Putting the customer first, offering exceptional choice, unbeatable value and quality, along with a strong commitment to sustainability, has been the cornerstone of Dunelm’s success to date. The Home of Homes was already there; we’ve just shone a brighter light on it.”

Stu Outhwaite-Noel, CCO at Creature, said: “Working with Dunelm is a joy, especially when you get to mess with one of the all-time-great trans-generational wedding dancefloor fillers to make a piece of work that we suspect real people are going to bloody love. Excited isn’t the half of it – I’ve got chills and they’re multiplying.”

The ad is certainly memorable and feels right for the audience.

MAA creative scale: 6