Apple’s WeWork drama ‘WeCrashed’ premieres March 18th

Apple is nearly ready to release its tale of WeWork’s tragic fall. The company has announced that its Apple TV+ limited series WeCrashed will premiere March 18th. The eight-episode drama stars Jared Leto as former WeWork CEO Adam Neumann, who wielded hype to earn a $47 billion valuation only to lose most of it (and his job) when the IPO process revealed ugly financials and leadership. Anne Hathaway plays Adam’s wife Rebekah, who served as an executive (including the head of WeGrow) and whose relationship with Adam was “at the center of it all,” according to Apple.

The trailer sets expectations quickly. The Neumanns portrayed by Leto and Hathaway are full of overly grand visions, portraying WeWork as nothing less than the future, a “movement” aiming to “elevate the world’s consciousness.” The clip also highlights the cult-like devotion to the company and its notoriously summer camp-like retreats. It’s not certain how well the performances will hold up across a whole series, but Apple at least seems to understand how WeWork’s reality was never going to match the buzz.

This isn’t the first streaming take on WeWork’s rise and sudden decline. Hulu’s 2021 documentary was an imperfect but prominent take on the Neumann couple. Apple’s effort clearly has star power, however, and the behind-the-camera talent has experience with well-received titles like Little America and This is Us. If nothing else, it’s clear Apple hasn’t given up its TV+ strategy of counting on big names to draw in viewers, even if the projects are slightly unusual.

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