‘Horizon Forbidden West’ story trailer teases new characters and machines

Horizon Forbidden West is just under a month away from hitting PlayStation 4 and PS5, and Sony is ramping up its marketing push with a trailer that sheds some light on the sequel’s story. The video is, unsurprisingly, packed with gorgeous visuals while offering some details on what seems to be a solid expansion of Horizon Zero Dawn‘s rich story.

“People are suffering. Soon, they’ll starve,” protagonist Aloy (Ashly Burch) says at the beginning of the trailer. “The machines, meant to help us, are out of control. I have to find a way to fix it all. The answer is somewhere out in the Forbidden West.” We soon learn that, in that part of the world, war is the order of the day, so Aloy clearly has another difficult journey ahead.

Along with some familiar faces like Varl and Erend, there are some new characters in the trailer — both friendly and hostile ones. Angela Bassett plays one of the antagonists, Regalla. She’s a rebel leader who “seeks to slaughter all those who’ve wronged her” and has the ability to control the machines, granted to her by a returning character. The three-minute clip closes with a glimpse of a mysterious character named Tilda. Guerrilla Games told Game Informer that The Matrix star Carrie-Anne Moss plays her.

Of course, some of the machines Aloy will battle appear in the clip too. Among them is a terrifying, giant cobra-rattlesnake hybrid called the Slitherfang, which can spit streams of acid in her direction.

Overall, the trailer offers another tantalizing look at a hotly anticipated game. Given that an unfinished build reportedly leaked earlier this month, it’s best for fans to tread carefully to avoid spoilers before Horizon Forbidden West arrives on February 18th.

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