MullenLowe’s global rebrand sees its octopus running wild

As a final exercise, the agency challenged its creatives around the world to come up with copy lines—around themes of inquisitiveness and “positive dissatisfaction”—to pair with the logo on posters that will be displayed in the agency offices. This will help further distill the agency’s new positioning.

Among the lines that emerged from that task: “If it doesn’t move you, move on,” “Always being responsible is irresponsible,” “Find some heels to nip” and “Hide the safe slide.”

On the whole, the agency hopes the refresh pays dividends internally and externally—as both an example of its creativity chops and a rallying cry for how it wants to be seen by clients and talent alike.

“It was a labor of love,” said Paz. “We’ve gotten to something we’re really proud of. We were like, ‘You know, let’s show Collins and Pentagram that we can do it, too.’” 

“We’re excited to turn the page and start fresh,” Borges added. “We see a lot of agencies consolidating and merging under umbrellas that don’t necessarily have that distinctive tissue anymore. We’re trying to fuel what we think this agency means, and what we want looking ahead.”