Square makes its Cash App available for teen use

Square is now allowing all teenagers to use Cash App, after restricting it to adults until now. Those aged 13 to 17 will need permission from a parent or guardian to use the app, however.

Users can send money to each other and receive discounts on some purchases. Teens can also use a Visa debit card called Cash Card to pay for goods. They can add the Cash Card to Apple Pay or Google Pay, and they’ll receive a physical version of the card too. The card is customizable — you can choose a color and stamps, draw on it or make it glow in the dark. Changing the design costs $5 and there might be ATM withdrawal fees too.

There are some restrictions on accounts for those aged 13 to 17. Those users’ parents or guardians will have access to their transaction records, including transfers, and they can shut down a teen’s account and Cash Card at any time. Parents and guardians will be the legal owners of teens’ accounts (13- to 17-year-olds will be classified as authorized users).

Under 18s will be locked out of some parts of the app too. They won’t be able to trade bitcoin or access the Investing, Borrow, Check Deposit, Paper Money Deposit or Cross-Border Payments features. They can’t use their Cash Card at certain businesses either, including bars, car rental places or hotels.

To request access to the app, teens will need to enter their parent or guardian’s information when they’re signing up for a card or sending a peer-to-peer payment form their balance. Cash App will then contact the teen’s parent or guardian for approval.

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