The founder of DTC bedding brand Parachute on AI, brick-and-mortar and navigating the economy

What is one of the biggest recent shifts that marketers have had to adjust to and how are you planning for it?

We’re faced with understanding and harnessing the power of AI to both enhance our marketing as well as the customer experience. A big use case for us is how we can leverage AI to enhance our creative output. We also see our audience using a variety of platforms and devices to consume content which makes targeting challenging. We are prioritizing an omnichannel approach that creates a cohesive brand experience however and wherever you find us.  

How is the economy playing a role in the types of messaging and marketing channels you are deploying?

While there are fluctuations in the market, we’re focused on optimizing our core channels. We are always communicating our values—quality and comfort—so that shoppers know that we are a consistent and trusted brand. 

What’s next for Parachute and its creative team?

We have a beautiful, new fall collection coming soon as well as planning for our 10-year anniversary in January 2024. Stay tuned!