Why this top agency creative director left in search of ‘Beautiful Thinkers’

“We all have a gut,” Hadlock said in describing the theme. “The thing that gives you butterflies in your stomach when you’re out of your comfort zone, the inner voice that gives you pause when you feel like you should do something that makes you uncomfortable, the thing that stores all of your memories and life events. … The question is: Do you have guts? Do you rise to the occasion—big or small? Do you step out and step up? Or do you ignore that feeling in your gut and hope it goes away?”

Hadlock is recruiting guests from global and domestic brands, including a few who have been on the show before. She’s also connecting the season to an in-person event this September at the Crested Butte Film Festival, where she plans to host a dinner party for a mix of Season 6 guests and other invitees. The group will also experience the festival’s events together.

“There is a core set of issues that the best brands and filmmakers are expressing in different formats—from social consciousness to the environment and mental health that impact the human condition,” Hadlock said. “The context of the festival allows the deepening of that connection and conversation.”

Yeti is a sponsor of the festival, and Bill Neff, the company’s VP of marketing for Europe, Middle East and Africa, will be a guest of Hadlock’s both on the podcast and at the event. Other confirmed guests for the Season 6 podcast include Alex Matisse, co-founder of East Fork Pottery; David Schriber, CMO of bike maker Specialized; and Tom Szaky, founder and CEO of TerraCycle.